Hi, I'm Meg. 23 years old.
Queer, Cis female.
Supernatural obsessed.
This is an R rated blog.
Destiel shipper, little Megstiel on the side.
Some sexual content.
Multi-fandom blogger.
Not always 100% spoiler free.
Some social justice posts.
I am a Feminist.
Body Positive blog.
If you need someone to talk to, I am here for you, but I do prefer you message me off anon so we can talk privately.
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A lot you all keep telling me that I’m pretty. And honestly, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the compliments. Seriously, I don’t think any kind of therapy would ever do me as good as my amazing followers have. You all have given me such confidence in myself. It’s funny that at one of my heaviest weights, I have actually gained the most happiness with myself, the most self assured version of myself. All because of you guys. 

So here are some pics of me with no make up on, fresh out of the bathtub, after a couple glasses of sangria…. I was taking snapshots and decided to make an ugly face. And in doing snapshots, captured my reaction to the 2nd picture. I won best actress in a regional theatre competition in high school for my ability to make ugly faces…. I am really good at creepy facial expressions. No joke. You don’t even want to see. 

Seriously. I can make some really ugly facial expressions.

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    is this how tumblrs flirt? idec. i effing ship it
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    you are both beautiful, and i ship it
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    No but lol I do too!!!
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    You make perfectly normal faces. Compared to me. Seriously. I have ugly teeth. :(
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